Tuesday, December 07, 2004

i hate goodbyes. :(

so..... my good friend ellie is gone. :(
her husband got a new job in harrisburgh, and he whisked her away at a two week notice. i was devistated. after all, we all know how hard it is to keep in contact with people after they are gone. esp. when they are attached. *sigh* her party was friday and there was a table of about 10 of us at el canelos. me, craig, amy, rob the weatherman, rob the weatherman's girlfriend, ellie, jeff and carrie dj and hubbie. i knew i needed some margaritas to get through that night.

the rest of the weekend, however, was a bit more pleasant! saturday craig and i watched "cold mountain"... not sure how i feel about that one. renee zellwegger played a good part. i think i like her characters better than her... in interviews and stuff. craig did finish putting up the plastic on my windows, and took apart my swing outside, and added a sweep to my crappy door, so the draft is CONSIDERABLY less now! wheeee!!!!!! hopefully that'll save me some bucks. last year, my heat bills almost waranted a prozac prescription. i've learned to freeze, and like it.


Go Kayak said...

Hi There,
Sorry your friend moved away, that's tough.

Cold Mountain...I think I liked the movie, but it really bothered me for a few days afterward. I couldn't figure out if it was because the loss and devistation that our country's citizens inflicted on each other was so great and the movie really drove that home...or...if it was because dammit, they went through so much suffering only to have that ending. And that song... "You Will Be My Ain True Love"
(watch music video here:
http://www.sonymusic.com/artists/ColdMountain/video/ColdMountain_MyAinTrueLove_MovieVidFull_ref.mov )

I guess this movie bothered me because I grew up in the Appalachian mountains so the scenery was oh so familiar and the song reminded me of hearing my grandmother sing similar songs while churning butter or doing other chores. They were beautiful songs but so melancholy...

Sorry to have been so chatty. Perhaps this would make a good subject for my own blog! I've been too busy this week to add anything to it.

Mary said...

Try watching Cold Mountain when your future husband is a historian who specializes in the Civil War! Actually, that isn't a bad thing... It makes it more interesting!

I hate goodbyes too, DG.... I hate visiting my parents because when I leave I know it will be so long before I can see them again.

I even cried when my old next-door neighbor moved to Grad school in Indiana. We hung out a LOT, but she wasn't a friend...she was a nuisance. But, I still was sad... I don't even know why. Maybe they were tears of JOY! LOL

Anywho, it does make me sad when I think about all my friends who moved on after college-town. Especially my friend Steph...

devon said...

hey guys.
mary, how freakin' funny :)
actually, i think that would've been pretty educational.
we had trouble figuring some stuff out.
as for friends moving away, i'm such an emotional person, and i get really down about stuff like that. i just can't believe she's not here anymore :( she was like, my grown up friend. oh well. i hope she'll come back to visit a lot.

a lot of people i know have said that this movie bothered them. i wasn't really bothered! i'm really sensitive too. i don't get it! sounds like a cool childhood. you seem to have done so much and you're so young. i hope you post more on your blog soon, i always learn something there!!!