Friday, October 22, 2004


i love this time of year. :D i wasn't all that jazzed before i got my halloween costume semi-together.
craig and i are going as a slutty nun and a pimp preist.... it's kinda sacriligious, but i can't wait to see him with a big ol' afro wig and blingin' sunglasses. he'll need a crunk cup too. that seems to be big amongst tha' ganstas. ellie lent us her costumes, we're just going to "modify" them :D i'll post pics when i get them back.

and in the spirit of halloween, we're going to see "the grudge" tonight with sarah michelle geller. the bad thing about that is, is that a. movies cost too much b. there is a high posibility that this won't be scary and is just more manufactured hollywood crap c. they won't put enough butter on my popcorn d. if it sucks, i don't even get any eye candy, at least craig has sarah. but, it's something he wants to see, and i thought i should do more nice stuff for him. he's a pretty selfless guy. maybe we can get to eat at el canelos before the movie. everything looks better through a jumbo texas margarita.

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