Friday, October 15, 2004

ERAS aka "the poopsmith"

so, i know the feeling jealousy. i've felt it before. i know what it's like..... however, i don't poop on the floor when i catch the green eyed monster. really.

eras has been pretty pissed off lately that sophie has been snuggling with me in bed at night. plus, i put a really cute collar on him that he hates. so, about three nights ago, he jumps up on the bed, finds soph in his spot, and makes that "murrrrrrrr" deep throaty mean cat noise... he then proceeds to jump down and SQUAT in my bedroom doorway and take a huge dump. wtf is his problem?! i cleaned it up and attributed it to jealousy.

night two. soph and i are spooning (she's very fluffy and who am i to deny the love?!) and he sees her up there, hisses and in the same exact spot, poops again. grrrrr....... you don't know joy until you're cleaning up steamy cat poop right before letterman. >:(

last night, soph was merely milling about, and i didn't sleep with either of them.... and i found a good morning present in the exact same spot. i dunno what to do about this one.

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Mary said...

My cat doesn't crap anywher except the cat box (so far!) but he does barf ALL the time. I swear my cat is anorexic! He eats a WHOLE bunch then barfs.... It doesn't even have time to digest. Two seconds later... Bleeeech!