Monday, November 08, 2004

"don pebblos"

man, this is for anybody reading this that thinks "don pablos" is a good idea.
friday night i wanted to take craig out to eat for his birthday and then over to the fox n hound so i could kick his ass at pool...

well, we arrive at the olive garden (his first choice) and it looked like the wait was going to be forever. so, his wonderful girlfriend suggested don pablos, just beside it. well, after an HOUR of waiting around in a cramped LOUD little area, we finally get served to move over the the cramped little eating area, like, two feet away from where we were waiting. *sigh* at this point, i really wanted a margarita, but my stomach was so empty i figured i'd be on the floor.

so, a pound of chips n salsa and an hour later, our food came. all crusty and nasty.
it seriously looked like it had been in the window for over an hour. we were so hungry we didn't care. so, craig had asked for no onions, they were all through the meal. grrr... so we told the waiter and he said, "well, the cook, said that they are all through it..." um, yeah genius, we can see that... whatever. "we'll pick them off."

so, we chewing, although feeling a little sick from so many chips and craig says "ow!"
he had bit into a pebble the size of someone's pinky nail. ew. seriously. so our waiter goes, "oh man that's nasty, i'd be pissed too." and then he SAT at our table. i was MAD. i'm sorry, waiters are not going to invade my personal space....and between the waiter going to get the manager (we'd had enough at this point) craig found three more pebbles in his food. long story short, we got our meals for free and nobody got a tip. it was so awful. i'm such a forgiving person too. oh well. moral of the story....


Melissa said...!! That is soooo gross!!! I have only eaten there once and will never go back after hearing that story! I would totally get freaked out by anything not food related in my food. So, not the best birthday dinner for Craig, huh? Did you end up kicking his behind at pool??

I love Olive Garden, it's always so crowded though. I also formed a recent love for Bertucci's. Mmm, their rolls are better than Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits! Geez, I'm hungry. You know, we chose to go to Buca di Beppo instead of Bertucci's the other day and it was such a mistake. And we rarely go out to eat, so I'll be dreaming of Bertucci rolls for another month or two!

devon said...

i know melissa! we almost went to buca's,.. but the howies said it would be such a mistake. that was the worst experience dining out i've EVER had! ever! crazy.

to make matters worse, our waiter was talking to us and literally FELL into the table :D too freakin' funny.

we actually didn't go to the fox n hound, because it was too crowded, and probably dumb, rich college kids. i must be getting old because i have no tolerance for that anymore!

we found a mom n pop bar called "the barking fish" and it was pretty cool. not very smokey and there were two pool tables. so, we were busy trying to get quarters, and these two guys took the tables :( but, we did play naked photo hunt on the megatouch! that is way fun.....

Melissa said...

Naked Photo Hunt??? Okay, you have to fill me in! I'm so far out of the bar scene that I have no clue what that is! I hope you guys were able to salvage your night!

Well, I wasn't crazy about Buca, but at least I didn't find things in my meal!

Mary said...

You northerners and your fancy smancy resteraunts! LOL

I've never heard of any of those things you mentioned except Olive Garden! LOL

Anywho, I'll have to remember that Don Peblos food ROCKS -- literally! And stay away from that! Craig is lucky he didn't chip a darn tooth! Geez!

Pebbles are pretty gross, but I betcha we could all think of a bucha stuff that'd be even more gross :P

devon said...

ah know!!! :D

it's could've been a finger or something hehe....
my mom calls craig "rocky" nice. :D

mel, nekkid touch screen (photo hunt) is an game where they give you two screens and a bunch or nekkid "babes" or "hunks" and you touch whatever differs between the two pictures.

ex: two nekkid chicks, one's thong might be pink, the other might be red, ... things of that nature hehehe! it's tons of fun. buzzed or sober.