Monday, November 01, 2004

horrifying couple!

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so saturday was the big halloween night. man, if i come out of that experience with one thing (or two) that i learned.... it's "don't take whiny blonds who are wasted downtown to party" and "false eyelashes are quite the bee-atch to put on." GR. my eyes still have glue in them and are burning.


Melissa said...

OOOH SCARY!!!! Devon! I'm glad you got a blog, this will be fun to read! I love reading Mary's! So I copied off of you two and got my own! Even if I'm the only one that reads it, it'll be cathartic to write about all the crap that happens to me, like leaving my car running at the train station!!!

Write lots, okay??? And post fun pics! I love seeing the pics of you and Craig! You guys are so cute! :-)


Anonymous said...

WoW! Scary. Your blog is fun to read. I've been thining about doing it, but I don't always have time to be committed to something like this.

Take care,
(Halftone Dot)