Monday, December 13, 2004

would any of you miss me....

if i died? cause i almost did this morning driving up from home! dear lord. i haven't been that frustrated since my pink barbie crayon broke clean in two. and haven't concentrated that hard since the sat's. i really dislike winter weather. everybody was in the ditch on I-79 and huge trucks were roaring by me, like i didn't exist. however, i'm alive and kickin.

over the weekend, craig and i visited my parents on saturday night. we had such a great visit. we helped them paint the trim in the dining room, because my mother is notorious for big home projects. that... usually require a massive amount of help from my sister, seeing as she is the resident indentured servent. whom, yes meg, is getting socks from me for x-mas.- :P we had some pizza and a few drinks around 10 at night and then my mom let me look through her old x-mas decorations and pick out what i wanted. i couldn't BELIEVE the ornaments i had forgotten! my mom's tree is veddy veddy "martha steward on crack", as in, very sterile, and every ornament is a santa claus, so all our old colorful crap is in boxes. well, i just love a tacky tree full of character! so i got all my old junk that i will bestow upon my tree tonight!!!! can't wait. ya... my life is boring. back off.


Go Kayak said...

Yikes Girl! I'm glad you weren't hurt and you are back safe and you had a good weekend at your mom's.

I like a hodge-podge tree too. Of course when you have kids they make all kinds of things at school which are priceless! I also have some from when I taught 1st grade that my students made for me. Very ecelctic.

Again, I am glad you are okey-dokey! Take care of your goodness!


Melissa said...

I'd miss you if you died! But then again, I'd be a shoe in for the engagement pool! I get so freaked out driving in bad weather. Two Christmas Eve's ago it was like that driving to Rob's dad's house. We passed by so many cars stuck in ditches! My last car was horrible in snow, but I'm hoping my new car can handle it a little better! I didn't really have the chance to test it out last winter.

I want to have two trees, one tacky tree and my grandmother's tree. I felt like I had to decorate my grandmother's tree like she would. But then I don't get to hang up the fun bright ornaments and my doctor seuss ornament and Rob's "NY Jets" ornament, etc! Hmm, i still have my crappy $15 Target tree in my closet. Maybe I should bring it out! :-)

Mary said...

Miss you? We'd start legends about how you didn't REALLY die.... You'd be like the Tupac & Elvis of graphic designers!

I like old decorations too. My mom has some really OLD crap and if you mix it in with newer, nicer stuff, you really end up getting a nice looking tree anyways. Granted I like the theme trees, but they are so sterile and personality minus.