Monday, January 10, 2005

things i guess only i think about.

random thought #1 -

i often think about what the world would be like, if there were a separate race of giants that we co-habited the world with. kinda like us having pets, except we're smarter than cats and dogs. OR would the giant race be EXTREMELY smart, so according to their caliber of intelligence, we WOULD be at dog/cat level.,... i'd be sitting with craig and we'd hear a "THUD THUD THUD" going down the street, and it would just be some giant walking. and would we care? would it be like, a normal occurance, or would there be separate "giant" highways and roads so we wouldn't get smooshed? and who would enforce the laws. would a giant listen to one of us? or, what would happen when they'd get pissed because they picked the top of the orthodox church tower off because it looks like a HUGE hershey kiss, and it turns out they're crunching wood and cement? BUT, this is flawed because they'd be extremely intelligent. of course, it could turn out that it was a giant's toddler who wasn't so bright yet.

random thought #2 -

"raisins are just humiliated grapes really... think about it"
(ok, that's captain jack sparrow, but we laughed our asses off at that one)

random thought #3 -

ok. so with old age comes wisdom. so.. what's up with that phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." so, i guess you can just educate them, and they stay stubborn? hm. or, should it be, "you can't teach an old dog how to e-mail, but they sure know about making meatloaf from scratch." (can you tell i personalized this one?) seems too vague a phrase.

random thought #4 -

dinner parties are way fun. take a chance and make something different. after all. after three bottles of wine and 10 beers later, everybody loves everybody and everything. *ohhh ... shiny object...* just kidding. we behaved.

i threw a "what i believe to be* great dinner party friday. i had my best friend amy, and her fiance nick, and my co-worker lori and her husband jon over. i started us off with two kinds of dip and some rye bread. and i made talapia (sp?) and salmon on a bed of spinach with tomatoes and onions, cheese and olives with lemon juice and pepper. it turned out pretty good!! i think the artist in me takes over sometimes, and i get myself into cooking trouble, but this time it worked in my favor. sides were mini potatoes and green beans and rotini springs and butter. (i burned the bottoms of the rolls too, but i just cut them off)everybody got along and we had a great time. i like entertaining.
i think the guys bonded too, they were playing their electric guitars while the girls sat at the table.

man, and guess who i take for granted *andimnotjustwritingthisbecausehereadsthissometimes* ....
craig helped me through the whole ordeal from start to finish. he swept, did my laundry, put my table leaf in, reminded me not to burn the rolls (which, i did anywho) he was a great help. he lit all my candles before they came... while i was running around like a crazy woman.

we ended the night by walking up the road and watching some dumbass sing and play guitar at scotty's jazz bar over drinks. got too smokey so we decided to go home. good weekend!!!

catch ya later.


Go Kayak said...

Tee Hee, you make me laugh!
The dinner you made sounds wonderful! And to think you were worried about the Mango Salsa. And you are right, the "designer" inside does take over, after all, it's all in the presentation, right?

Sounds like a marvelous weekend. Good for you!

Mary said...

Rolls are funny like that. Patrick reminds me to check on the rolls & 10 minutes later we've got coal in the oven. Why is that? Rolls are probably the most forgotten dinner item... :)

Sounds like a ton of fun! Patrick & I like to entertain too. Except usually, I am doing what Craig does and he is the one cooking :) He's good at it, an I am not. I do prep. I chop, fetch, and do plate arrangements & garnish... He actually MAKES the food.

Believe me... you'd want it that way!

Melissa said...

thought #1- Hmm, what if the tops of orthodox churches really were hershey kisses. Hershey kisses made for giants. And since giants are so smart, they figured out a way to make unmeltable chocolate. Or maybe they have an m&m coating because you know those don't melt in your hand. Hmm, interesting thoughts.

thought #3 - I think all that "wiseness" that comes with old age fills up your brain so much that there isn't any room to learn new tricks.....or how to email for that matter.

Congrats on the awesome dinner party! I always tell Rob I want to be a dinner party throwin kinda gal, but our friends are too immature and can't be trusted to not hurl a salmon across the room to see how far it'll go. Oh well.

Dave said...

With age comes wisdom - means your old dog knows he doesn't really need to learn all the new tricks to get along in the world. got too much time on your hands! ;-)

emski4379 said...

Your dinner sounded great! How did you make the salmon and tilapia? Would you mind passing along the recipe? I think, out of the dozens of times I have made rolls, only once did they not get burned.

I know what you mean about getting ambitios about cooking. Sometimes things look so good in your head, and they just don't come out as well on the stove. If only there was an Command Z for cooking...