Monday, February 07, 2005

soph's public apology.

otay!o alright;a.... wwill, sEEEms tat i dida bAd* bad tang n disa wewekend.
&Ijm Ju)st a Ca;t, Sew000 WHEat do yoi waNN t? hu;;h;? HWOEVER, I"m Feeeljing puratty SExayyy deeses day s;, anad eye NEeAD to liiok oudst mayh windDOWN FUR: the BO**YS. (ITX Mummas fult anyHOWWL, eYE neae))D F:IXEDE!!) MECHeapn S: mUmma.

J:Uct naeed 2 aposlogoizE tEW kraoOIg bcouse I ruained thEA **(& plaZTEK inSOUl;latioN bEY bENG TOOOoooooEI Hat TEw troooot ANSD Ev00en thOUGH m:Y mOMOMuh cusprayE D thET)) STliuff on a FIBRic, WEL8))>>LL.. EYE aan not se;y i bLAm hIR. I:T IST StEWI(NKY. *& reEPRUSLES E. EYe lOvi Ewer. Surrya aGIn. *meow*

she's a bad typer sorry:

ok! alright, ahh... well, it seems that i did a bad thing this weekend. I'm just a cat, so what do you want, huh? however, i'm feeling pretty sexy these days, and i need to look outside my window for the boys. (it's mom's fault anyhow, i need FIXED!!!) cheap ass mama.

just need to apologize to craig because i ruined the plastic insulation by being too hot to trot, and even though my mom sprayed that stuff on the fabric, well, i cannot say i blame her. it is stinky and repulses me. so, i love you. sorry again. *meow*


Anonymous said...

Apology accepted Lil Soph! I know you're a good little kitty and i know you didn't mean to ruin the plastic. You do however, need to apologize to your mom for what you said about her. That wasn't very nice and you need to tell her you're sorry. Where did you learn that language?...your brother? I'm gonna have to have a talk with him...

Go Kayak said...

Geez, youse 2 get a room will ya!

We have lots of organizations that do free and cheap spaying and neutering here. Have you checked the SPCA in your area? If they don't do it themselves, maybe they can recommend someone for you.

Dev, hope you and C had a great weekend.

Mary said...

hahaha...thats hillarious!