Tuesday, May 03, 2005



OK, actually.... FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!!!
we had the best time at the MONSTER TRUCK SHOW! i wanted to have a redneck beer, but craig said NO! ;-D

upon getting there i realized i had forgot to wear my nascar jersey, forgot my chewin' tobacci, and sh*tkickers.

the show was pretty amazing! in addition to big arse trucks, there was motorcross, which i was already kinda familiar with because i took craig to a show earlier in the year for... valentine's day? yeah, valentine's day. pretty sexy stuff.


OH! keith! check it out! i'm wearing my "free love park" t-shirt. (ok, you can't really tell, but i am!!!!)craig and i walked 8 miles that day, so i needed a picture of myself by the eagle. i was delirious. whoaaaa....

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Jeope said...

Bitchin'! Motorized mayhem, mayhem, mayhem!

This once again proves thay ain't no trucks like big-arse trucks. Did you see anyone there wearing a WWE t-shirt? 'Coz I bet you did.