Monday, August 01, 2005



the after comes later, since my mom and the photographer took all the shots! i had so much fun. the rehersal dinner was friday, and went a bit rocky. nobody knew where to stand, and it was chaotic. afterwards we went to sid's place and had a great dinner, drank a LOT and the bridesmaids were given beach glass jewelry (bracelet, earrings, and necklace)and the guys got engraved beer mugs. we all headed to her sister's house after to drink and hang out. then we went to scorchers and i just played pool the entire time, and did REALLY well!!!! i beat craig, it rawked.

the next morning we had to get our hair done and i had a MASSIVE hangover. the girl did a really good job. if i ever get married i'm getting my hair done at ambridge rose salon. :) we headed to amy's house and then the trolly picked us up to take us to the penthouse suit in the courtyard by marriot. the ceremony went down and then the trolly took us away!!! we had our pictures taken in south shore. this is an area of erie where the mansions are on the lake,... we were up high on a cliff and one of the groomsmen's grandparents (their house) set up two beach chairs and we all gathered around them for a pic!!! (snapshots to come..) it was amazing.. i'm thinking it will look like it belongs on a stock photography site.

the reception was amazing... but apparently the groom was a little more nervous than we had originally thought. we had to wait for him while he puked in the bathroom lol!!!!
the night was amazing. i got to dance with my baby in a semi dream state of pure bliss.
what was really awesome is that our photographer at media direct uses tim r. for our product photography, and he was super to me all night,.. got shots of craig and i dancing, and one of my mom and dad that i'll probably frame for them. he said he'd send them to me free of charge!!! sure helps to know people. ;)

i can't wait for my big day....



Jeope said...

Dev, that top right photo is so fuzzy. Makes it look like (to me) you're arm-in-arm with David Schwimmer!

Can't wait for the after-party.

How was the white trash party? Where's the pics of that?

Christian with a Whip said...

Hey you sexy grrrl you! yeah well me, Mr. Photoshop, I wanted to pull those photos off and fix 'em! LOL! Ah well, ya can't blame a guy consumed by his perfectionism at certain times of the day - :)

Looks like ya had a good time - is that Craig? in the photo top right? Kinda does look like Schwimmer! The power of suggestion. Ya'll rock - wow, so many pretty people in one photo! Was the cake good? Did you have too much champagne? Did your honey sweep you off your feet and walk you across the threshold?

Oh wait - you were NOT the bride :p ! Weddings are fun, the only foofee-head thing I really like. Well now I have done it - my first post on your blog, I feel so funky-fresh-pressed-dressed to Impress!

Take a pic of your new haircut! later Gator -