Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i'm ENGAGED!!!!

so, THIS is strange!!! i thought i'd feel more grown up somehow... but i feel the same.

i honestly never saw this one coming the way it did.

ok, so i left work thursday to go grocery shopping (cause we JUST GOT PAID WED!!! :) and i knew it was craig's weekend to come up and wanted to be stocked up. so, i always call him when i am driving home f/ work. well, he said he was going to fly planes at his dad's hanger back home. so, i tell him, "hold up, lorri's calling, i gotta go..." and i actually (i think) i HUNG UP ON HIM!!! (meanwhile he's driving up sweating his pants off b/c he actually thought i'd say NO!) lol. as if that would, he goes to wal*mart and just hangs out there... luckily i call him back to bitch about work, (something lorri had told me) so, i tell him my arms are full and i have to go and he knows i'm almost home... i had to carry all my groceries into the house and unload before i changed into my workout clothes to go walking (which he knows i do everyday) and he didn't want to miss me. so, i'm unloading and i hear this *tap tap tap* at my door... so by now i'm freaking b/c i had to call the cops the other week b/c some dude was trying to get into my apt... and i walk cautiously to the door... and he just APPEARS *tears in eyes* on his knee and says, "devon bender, will you marry me and be my wife?" whatEVER!!! i was shaking and sweating... and he called my boss and told him he had just asked me to be his wife and he'd appreciate if he'd give me friday off to spend with him.

so we had a GREAT LONG weekend of doing pretty much nothing. we went to the erie zoo!!! :D i'll have to post pics later because i forgot to snag his memory card out of his digital. *DUR* but, i'm pretty excited.

my mom is actually coming up tomorrow to go try on dresses with me. it will be sooooo fun! i cannot wait. i've never worn anything remotely close to a wedding dress. my prom dresses were awful... well, my second one was awful! funny how styles change over the years. at least i don't live in a era where the puffy sleeve cupcake bride look was in.

more to come..... :D

(my ring)



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lew! said...

what the hell are these blog ads?
that's really annoying!

Anyway - Devon
Once again congrats to you and Craig.
All kinds of good wishes to you both.

I can't wait to see your designs for things!

jenny said...

congratulations devon! that is such exciting news. i wish you and craig all the best. and your ring is beautiful!

Melissa said...

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devon said...

hahaha!!! omg! i got f*n' spammed on my own blog! suhhhweet!

Shannon said...

Congratulations! I love the colors you have picked out so far!

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