Friday, January 13, 2006

er'body likes to hang out, upside down.


so check out my lil' soph baby!! :) she hangs out by the heater for HOURS upside down, i thought it was kinda funny, so i snapped a few pics. she no longer loves me and is turned on by my space heater. it's a sad state of affairs we've been experiencing.

so the pics of the frames are a little project i put together for my "shabby chic" bedroom. i got the frames for 9.99 each at big lots, and i had remembered some awesome (and CHEAP!) flower prints i saw at the erie bookstore. so i then snipped off some leaves from my plant, and VOILA! this is the wierdest thing though... i walked into the erie bookstore and the clerk was very familiar.. i realized she babysat my cousins one summer and went to my highschool! too strange. she had no clue who i was, but i was a freshman when she was a senior, and seniors rarely pay attention to freshman scum. except the one senior who wanted to date me, but my dad put a stop to that right away. thank god too, b/c this kid ended up being a total loser. so, i was free to date other losers my own age. i remember this girl was the coolest babysitter though. she'd let us watch tales from the crypt while eating milkshakes. at 8 in the morning. awesome.

(the bouquet photo is just something pretty that i think i want my own wedding bouquet to look like, .. very green, pretty, no?)


lew! said...

so how come there are so many photos of sophie but none of...other cat. See i don't even know it's name?

Where's the love Devon?
(for the other cat)

Matt said...

I want to say the other cats name is "Eras."

And my sister's cats abandoned her for the dryer. Of course she keeps her thermostat set at 49.

Mary said...

Yeah, poor Kitty #2... I think Eros or Eras is right?! He needs some kitty lovin' too!

I like your shabby chic thing! Lookin' good girly!

Jeope said...

I like the name "other cat". That's something I would do if I had cats: "cat" and "other cat". It's kinda like me and "wife" and uh, "other wife".

stacie said...

That cat is ginormous!!

devon said...

i know isn't she?!?! i see other cats and i'm like, "they're so SMALL!!! " lol. nope i'm just used to the cat that ate erie!!!