Tuesday, January 31, 2006

my mouth fell on a bee.

so... i was feeling kinda down these past two weeks. i decided the best way to go would be to get my hair trimmed. then, i went to ... sephora.com. oh my freakin' lawrd. they had so much stuff and i couldn't decide. so i had fun perusing the sections, and decided on duwop's "lip venom" which is like, an allergic reaction for the lips. seriously. it simulates an allergic reaction and causes your lips to "plump" ... and i got urban decay's precious metals eye sheen in platinum.

let me tell you it felt like x-mas! i just got them from our UPS man. he just made my damn day. it's so fun to get stuff in the mail. i think if i got more letters, i wouldn't feel compeled to do stuff like this. plus i should be saving my money. the way i figure it, is don't go crazy at the supermarket this month. i'm single and half of it gets thrown out anyway. right? ;)

anywho, my eyes look like the bumper of a car and my lips are stinging like hell.



Melissa said...

Woah, lots of posts from Devon today! :-) Are your lips still burning? Do you look like Angelina??? Haha! You're cake topper is pretty! Very elegant! You're so much more prepared than I am!

Oh, and damn you for posting that cat thing. Will I ever be able to get "ima kitty cat!" out of my head??

Mary said...

i love that stuff! it rocks. hard.