Tuesday, January 03, 2006

x-mas 05


well, another year gone in the blink of a heavily weighed down eye... lawrd i'm so sick right now. i sound like a trannie. all in all it was an awesome week off with even more awesome presents! i finally FINALLY got a digital camera. now i'm a picture takin' fool.

it was so fun to watch craig's cousin's baby open her presents. she is adorable. i think most of the time she was more interested in the box the present came in than the present itself. :) that's normal though. right?

i got a great present from craig's parents. this huge fleece sack thing that has little holes for feet and it is SO WARM! i've always wanted one. his sister and husband got me a great long white sweater which i will be living in i'm sure. we also got an engagement gift from his mother, the white tray that you can put pictures in. VERY cute. i am not sure what i'll put in it. perhaps out engagement pic? and then maybe one from our future wedding.

i'm pretty hopped up on cold meds right now... i think that's about all i have to say. :)

oh yeah, thanks for the drunk dial amy in arizona!. ;) i can always count on you!!!

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Mary said...

yay for xmas pics! Digital cameras are fun!