Monday, February 20, 2006

lazy days and made up meals

it was a totally lazy weekend. are there any other kind these days? it's so freezing, that it just makes you want to lapse into a coma. or me at least!

yesterday, i had to share that craig and i made THE MOST yummy dish, and as far as i know, it doesn't exist. it all came about because he can't eat tomatoes or red sauce, but loves the texture of lasagna. so, a LONG time ago, I CAME up with the idea to make a "white" lasagna. so, he suggested on saturday night that we try it on sunday.

we used:

lasagna noodles
ricotta cheese
mozzarella shredded cheese
chicken cut up into bits
two kinds of white alfredo sauce (one w/ mushrooms, the other w/out)
garlic and salt to taste.

we just kept layering and layering until the whole package was done. i gave him a TON of it to take to work, some to take to his grandma, and i took some to work today and even packed up a slice for a co-worker and i STILL have a ton of it left. maybe next time i won't cook for an army. but... cooking for an army is FUN

edit: and guys in the kitchen are HOT.

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Jennifer said...

sounds yummy!