Tuesday, February 14, 2006

spoiled little b*tch.



so, just when i thought craig couldn't read my mind any more than he already does,... he amazes me.


(elevator music)......

OK. man that sucked.

i got an uber chic arrangement of calla lillies from craig that were hot pink and green! .. and red. my fav colors ever! i love it. it's not all fuffy, with like, cupids shooting out of it or anything. it's pretty, with strong colors and lines. i'm sure that wasn't what was going through his head when he bought it, but i'll pretend that it was. i totally love it though. i got valentine's day nerds, candy corn (b/c i love it!) marzipan cupids, lips, hearts, pistacchios, and SEX AND THE CITY SEASON 6!!! it's my favorite show ever, and i think it's becoming a v-day tradition.

i just wanted to tell craig that even though i'm bitchy sometimes, he means the world to me. there will never be anybody who understands me like him, treats me as well, and loves me as much. your kind heart transcends any that i've ever known. your child-like ways combined with your strong masculinity are a combination that at the beginning of your youth was blended with me in mind. i know it. i love you.


lew! said...

Jeaze, i think you spilled a truck load of sugar in here not chicken soup!

I kid, I kid.

I am home with a chest cold, hacking away. WHEEEE! (cough!)

Seriously, those are nice gifts, hope you got him someting equaly as nice.

Emily got here b-day gift yesterday. I decided against clothing and went with dinner sunday (Hungarian! YUM!) and go here the Martha baking cookbook. Which she looked through about 3 times last night. So she seems happy. Got here a Johnny Cash double CD for V-day. She has been wanting one. My little lady in black. (awww)

Well, happy V-day!
I wish V-day celebrations were similar to St. Pat's. Ah well.

Jeope said...

Chicken soup for the soul, baby!

Elevator music ... cripes that's rich.

I gave lilies, too.

Melissa said...

Aww, look at these nice fellas, showing love to their ladies! How adorable! Lew, Jeope, where are my gifts?! ;-) Well, devon, looks like Craig is a keeper. Not like you needed me to tell you that! Can't go wrong with flowers and candy on v-day! Did you give him a coupon for unlimited kisses? Lol!