Friday, April 11, 2008


ok, i'm a WEEK past my EDD. 41 weeks tomorrow! ugh! i feel HUGE even though i've gained about 28 lbs, 32 on a bad day. (probably most of it in my feet, i've hung up my heels weeks ago....) but it fluctuates.

i have a doc appt in a half hour,
PLEASE tell me some good news... so far, no dilation, no effacement, basically, NO PROGRESS. she must just love being inside me. yesterday she kicked and KICKED. i mean to the point of it feeling like she bruised my insides. i am just so ready to hold her. i still can't believe my baby girl is in there. i feel like i love her more and more everyday... but still, it's hard to believe! i'm ready to be a mommy.

not long now.....


Cherrill said...

Good luck Devon! I went 2 weeks past with mine, but forgot all about it once she was here. Try to find some stuff to take your mind off it. I was a cooking maniac that last week - making lasagnas, chili, meatloaf, etc. to freeze to have later. Trust me, this was a HUGE lifesaver once we were home from the hospital.

Melissa said...

Look at how tiny you are except for a little belly!! So cute!!!! Aww man, looks like you're about to burst!

Dave said...

Right now Mrs. Dave is rolling her eyes at you *grmbl* 28 lbs...*grmbl* That's nothing in the grand scheme of things.

These are the longest days, though, aren't they? One morning Mrs. D had an acute attack of Braxton-Hicks contractions and we thought it was time. bzzzzt - try again. That was just yesterday, right? Oh, right 6 years and 1 month goes fast.

I remember going in for a sonogram around that time and there was some poor woman behind a screen just moaning in discomfort/pain because her baby was apparently doing high-impact aerobics in there. I never saw the woman, but still remember how bad I felt for her, sounded like she was taking a beating.

But that won't happen to you, of course. You'll probably sneeze too hard one day and suddenly you'll be a full-fledged mom. A lady I worked with was like that. Hardly had labor, hardly had to push (relative to most births) and just *pop* there she was.

Well, if I don't hear from you before, best wishes! Life as you know it is about to end and life on fast-forward is about to begin!


Jeope said...

Holy smokes, is that weight ever contained (then again, I can't see your feet).

Noice. Just ... noice.