Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baptism dress

so i thought a great idea was to have my wedding gown cut up and made into a christening gown for charlotte. because seriously, who is going to want to wear their mother's gown (even though mine was GORGEOUS..... but it won't be the style when she's grown. let's face it. the ukranian woman who made it thought i was NUTS to ask her to cut up the wedding dress! she was so nervous. but, it came out very pretty and i like it's simplicity. it will be timeless and an heirloom for charlotte, should she have any daughters. that's WAY easier than passing down a huge wedding dress and it's really cool to know that i was wearing her baptism dress when craig and i got married.


Cherrill said...

So pretty! I never would have thought of that - much better than having the dress sit growing out of style.

Mary said...

This is a great idea!