Monday, June 16, 2008

melissa made me feel like a crappy wife.

so... happy belated anniversary to craig! april 21st in da howz.
lol. i love that dude, still after all this time of one whole year.

(plus i'm his baby mama)


Melissa said...

Haha! You gave Craig a baby. I just gave Rob a blog post. So I think you win. ;-)

Jeope said...

Hey, waitasec. I'm looking at this photo and wondering, who's 5'7" and who's 6'1". You got Ginger Spice shoes underneath that thing?

devon said...

it was my freakin' hair!!! it was like, a 3.5" beehive, then my shoes were an inch and a half!

weird, but if you look at our other pictures, i'm back to bein' his "shaw-ty!" lol