Friday, July 11, 2008

sexy time

i went on a daaaa-te... i went on a daaaa-te! with my hubby. :)

we dropped the baby off at her gammy a pappy's and went went footloose and baby-free to buca de beppo's! dinner was so good although there was a party of 10 behind our table whoopin' it up and drinkin' cocktails. *sweetness insert here beware of toothache* there was a little boy (spencer-yes i'ma horrible eavesdropper) behind craig at the table and he kept throwing his toy car or whatever off the table to get attention as they continued to carry on, i'm sure he felt left out. well new *daddy!* craig turns right around and picks it up not once, but twice. old *daddy-less* craig would've been annoyed and never turned around or, if he did pick it up, would've rolled his eyes at spencer's mother's OBVIOUS lack of kiddy control.
instead he turned back around with a soft look on his face as if to say "i understand what she's going through." i swear, it truly is a club, this parenthood thing.

afterwards, we went to sears *swoon!* and he looked through the tools and i went off alone to look at the clothes *barf* (do they really expect me to buy a grandma shirt with shoulder pads for 22.50?! ON SALE?!) and we meet up and went to barnes and noble. i swear, i could spend eternity in there. thank gawd we don't live by one.

i was pretty eager to get back to the little nugget. apparently she drank FOUR oz of milk from a BOTTLE! gammy na gave her her first bottle. a part of me hurt because it wasn't "FROM" me, but it was my milk... but now i know she won't starve at daycare and that is a HUGE relief.
the dumb stuff mummies worry about....

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Mary said...

It's funny how as you get older when you go into Sears you find yourself gravitating toward washers & dryers and kitchen appliances and just DREAMING of owning something so nice and functional... LOL