Tuesday, September 02, 2008

holiday.. celebrate!!! :)

so... this weekend was really fun and amazing. i got to see my friend's children, mia, age 2 and willem, age 2, also a new baby ronan (willem's baby bro) and a mutual friend's baby, mattea, )suzanne's baby). All the kids are gorgeous and HEALTHY which is the most important thing of all. saturday we took the kids over for dinner, and then sunday craig-ster and i took our lil' baby girl to presque isle. we took her to beach 9 where we met for the first time and got pics. :) it was kind of a moment for me. and afterwards we took her to el canelo (our fav. mexican restaurant) -we went there for a couple of our first dates and also the night we got engaged we went and i remember sitting at that booth and thinking "he is all MINE and i cannot wait to be his wife..."

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