Monday, September 29, 2008

"smart little sh*t"

is what my husband says about our daughter. why? this morning she figured out that while SHE is in the backseat, that I am in the frontseat of the car.

so the morning went something like this....

me: "HI BABY!" (while driving)

her: "MMMGHHHFTTHH!!!!PHFFFT!" (while craning her neck looking backward to see me)

me: "you're so smart!"

her: (craning her neck more while twisting around) "MMMGHHHTPHHHFFFFTTTTTTH!!!!" (smile)

me: "I love you"

her: (losing interest)


Jeope said...

Smart Little Sh*t is what Kerry calls me ... sometimes.

Cherrill said...

Kevin calls Anneka "Baby Stink Bum". I think you can guess why.