Friday, October 10, 2008

for i... can't... help...

falling in love with shoes.

my newest purchase: the Aerosoles Women's Vancouver. (and yes i had to cut and paste that because i can't spell and i don't usually waste my time on capitalization.)
ok, so craig says i need a gold chain and hawaiian shirt from nick nolte's closet to go with, but um... hello?! sometimes a mommy just wants comfort. AND i bought these with the sole purpose in mind of COMFORT. for some reason, my stupid anne kline heels gave me an ingrown toenail and i am all about casual friday's now.

these are SUPER COMFY mommy shoes. don't get me wrong, i usually wear a shoe with a heel. but i was having a particularly bad day and headed to macy's clearance shoe section. i saw them in an 8,... too small. did anybody ever tell you ladies that having children makes you go up a shoe size, or in my case, a shoe size and a half?! i got these 69.99 badboys for 19.99.

in a size 9.5.


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Mary said...

I wear a size 11 wide. That totally sucks!!!!! I find that the largest variety of shoes in that size are carried by payless, but they are SO miserably uncomfortable....