Wednesday, October 01, 2008

life's a gas...

ugh. so after i fed lottie on my lunchbreak, i decided to cruise a neighborhood i've long wanted to cruise. relaxing. by myself. but OH! oh no, no gas... so i promptly stopped at a sonoco by lottie's daycare. well, everything went normally (insert card, check, pump gas, check..)
BUT THEN, OH NO... wtF!? the handle thingie got stuck? apparently vapors or something stop this horrible invention when the tank is full... or i dunno. ?? it seemed foreign to me. SO what do i do? it gets stuck i PANIC and PULL IT OUT. GAS.

GAS all over my cute outfit. GAS all over ME! GAS ALL OVER MY NEW HIGH HEELS. that is where i draw the line. some good citizen runs over to help me (and don't think i didn't notice you, "mr RED X-TERA" checking out my bum when you pulled in cuz i totally did) and defuses the horrible situation. i didn't even thank him but merely said *in shock* "ok.. alright... bye now. ok?!" and was almost .5way home before i called craig who told me to take a shower, everything would be ok. put my clothes in a bag and put them on the porch. DO NOT put them in the dryer. ugh. horrible. i was so scared but i got it together and went back to work.

bottom line, live in NJ. right mel?

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