Saturday, October 04, 2008

wicked GOOD

so, last night was the "big" night! my sis and i saw wicked. it was AMAZING. if it comes to your town, i highly recommend it. we started out the night by getting semi lost in pittsburgh. luckily, my friend i work with is a valet at night and he saw my car go up the street *me in a panic* and called me, "devon, come back down the street" hah. so i did. and me and my sister had an amazing meal. we ordered a bottle of 28 dollar shiraz in her honor, and had hot bacon salads and delicious bread out the wazoo! we left after dinner and then had to walk to the theatre, and got directions from our valet boys. :) the show was so cool. everything from OZ explained! where the witch got her hat? check! where she got her broom? check! where the tin man, lion and scarecrow came from? CHECK! it all made perfect sense and was so interesting. i hope you go if you get a chance!!!! my sister and i decided we'd make it a yearly event, and next year "legally blonde" the musical is coming!!! i am SO THERE.

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Mary said...

Cool! I wondered how it would be. I've read the book and loved it.