Monday, November 10, 2008

another year older, another year together.

craig turns 30 today. finally! something about him still being in his 20's bugged me and made me jealous.

we were (i was) feeding lottie yesterday and something struck me and i said, "did you ever think we'd be here, in our own home, back in pittsburgh with a gorgeous baby, careers and a happy life...?" he said, "never." i think to him, that's the best gift of all. i kinda always knew from the second i met him we'd end up together one way or another.

we are so lucky to have each other.

this is the cookie cake from lottie. :)


Mrs. Maria said...

I really think I'd like a piece. Yummy! Happy Birthday to the hubby! :-) You should be proud. Marriage, kids, work, life, all those things are a BIG deal! :-)

Cherrill said...

Aww! You've gone and gotten me all choked up over here. Happy birthday to Craig!