Thursday, January 15, 2009

makin' the most of it

i just went from SUPER duper unorganized to an organized (clean) fool. it's amazing what a little time and elbow grease will do.

you should've seen this room before, it was a wreck. thanks to ikea it's not as bad a wreck.

however, when i get organized am i the only one that can't find things?

now...where is my pen..... ?!


Mary said...

Organization feels SO GOOD! At our old apartment, it took me forEVER to get my office room put together. This time, I didn't fiddle-fart around--I just got it done and it felt sooo good. I like to go in there and just sit and look at all my organized and neat junk :)

Cherrill said...

Nice job! I have those same brown and white cardboard magazine thingies - IKEA? Mine are awaiting an organizational extravaganza to take place in my basement crafty area as soon as I get my new table (fingers crossed for birthday).