Thursday, January 08, 2009

things i CANNOT believe:

...GMAC is charging me for almost 4 years of car insurance when I had insurance and I cannot get anybody on the phone that isn't outsourced to talk ENGLISH to

...Craig has never seen "stand by me"

...There is no heat this morning!

...I can't get up at 6:15 am

...People think painting a room yellow is "nuts"

...I need to baby proof our house

...We don't have hover crafts yet (because my 7th grade "in the future" essay said we totally would)

...people can't get over things that happened almost a decade ago

...america has the worst maternity leave out of any country in the world

I am most pissed of about the first one.


Melissa said...

I know, I totally hold grudges from my childhood. I will forever feel anger toward my middle school arch-nemesis. I wish I could just let it go. I guess my feelings were just hurt so deeply.

Oh, and a yellow room would be pretty!

Cherrill said...

My SIL hasn't seen Stand By Me either. That's nuts!

What's wrong with yellow?

AdrienneDesigns said...

Seen Stand By Me too many times to count...
Hate GMAC as much as you do...
Love yellow rooms, especially yellow on the ceiling :)
I can't remember anything else. I'm so old :&