Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tutu annoying

so when i get a project stuck in my head,
I can't rest until the supplies are bought and I make it and it comes out AWESOME. So yesterday on my lunchbreak I went and bought some black elastic, some buttons, ribbon to tie on, and a few yards of hot pink and black tulle. Along with design mom's blog's "no sew tutu" tutorial, I think it came out pretty good!

Although my elastic was too thick so I had to do some fancy finger work, and tulle is virtually invisable when it's on the floor, so cutting was annoying. But I was a novice and it only took me about 40 minutes from start to finish.

I think it will be the perfect pirate girl skirt for lottie's 1st b-day.

I also bought an iron on (shown above) to put on a onesie. I can't wait for the party!!!! (less than 3 months away, can you believe it?!)


Mary said...

OMG! The onesie is TOOO FREAKIN' CUTE!! i love it. Babies would be fun just so you could do all this....

Anonymous said...

omg. whatever happened to just a b-day party? cake and friends and relatives. how can a 1 year old remember? i think it'
s mostley for the parents.
parents who are wayyy stressed out and think they have to keep up with the recent trends. a b-day is a b-day and that's all it is. i don't think anyone will be impressed. but what do i know?
love your rooms! you must have some sort of background.

devon spec said...

anonymous- i don't feel like i have to keep up with trends or impress people. i love my daughter, and tutu's are adorable so i figured out how to make one. and yes, it's mostly for me. there's nothing wrong with doing a little something extra special. nobody has to be "impressed." that's the least of my worries.

thanks for the props about the rooms. i'm a graphic designer so i have training in design, just in a different genre. :)