Monday, February 16, 2009

catching the VD bug.

It was a happy valentine's day for sure. Except craig and I had colds, and took lottie to the doc's and she had ear infections in both ears. She was stunningly happy for a baby with nasty, stinky ear infections.

In true "me" fashion I made craig open his presents up Friday night. I cannot wait when I think I'm giving something good. I got him choc. Covered sarris pretzels, a cool pull over, and a book I knew he'd love. How did I know he'd love it? Because I already got it for him. Last year. Probably for valentine's day. At least I'm consistant. :/

I got this beautiful ring and this beautiful baby:


Mary said...

The ring is very nice! Simple and elegant. Very good choice on his part!!

Cherrill said...

Craig has very nice taste in jewelry! However, Lottie's prettier.