Monday, May 04, 2009

the etsy betsy spider

so, i decided to try out my hand and start an etsy store. not sure how this will work out and i think even if i get ONE sale i'd be happy! ;) i decided to make some shoe clips. it all kind of came about that i got started thinking about this when i got married. i couldn't find ANYTHING that could be my "something" blue. so i ended up with a trashy garter with a blue horseshoe. :/ it just wasn't me. so i thought about designing some bridal shoe clips with a hint of blue in them. it turns out that they came out super cute! i just don't know what i'd charge for something like this because it turns out that they come out to about 6 dollars or so apiece when you add up all the materials, then divide them. i also did some really pretty old fashioned ones from estate sale vintage earrings (i love you ebay) that i probably paid a bit too much for but they are really cool.
i have a few other things up my sleeve that i've made, but i'm keeping those under wraps for now!

is this idea stupid? any etsy sellers with advice for me? (morgan!) haha.


Mrs. Maria said...

I actually believe this to be an fantastic idea. I forget about shoe clips and they are hard to find. I'd put vintage looking ones to my plain black shoes. You might want to really dig cost effective materials. I think I'd pay no more than $8-12 per clip set, but you're talking to a stay at home mom! :-) Perhaps, just make sure there's a price break of $8-20. This can be pretty awesome Devon! Good luck! Perhaps delete this post and keep it a secret before some big brand name steals your etsy idea. :-P

Mary said...

This is a super idea! Just remember you have to pay yourself for your time. Usually, if things are for weddings you'd be willing to pay for something like that! Good luck!

AdrienneDesigns said...

Congrats on the store Devon! The shoe clips look great!

My only advice about Etsy? You have to post something new every day or your shop will get lot. Don't try to list everything at once. Make friends with other seller (like me) and don't let yourself get discouraged during the slow times.

And be sure to use: bridal, vintage, vintage style in your descriptions. I've even seen girls wearing these with prom and other dressy occasions. Good luck :)