Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hey, i put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right

C. and i had a tickle fight in the dark last night until something in my back popped. and i didn’t even care. we didn’t care if we woke the baby up, we were emerged in tickle bliss for like.... what seemed like an eternity!
the night air was wafting through the window. why does that smell so good. it was nice that the lights were off so i could concentrate on that smell. (in between concentrating on not dying of asfixiation) i know my husband loves me so much. it makes my guts hurt. literally.

when moments like that happen, all the crud of the day falls off me like that pod skin keanu reeves had fall off him in “the day the earth stood still.” that’s kind of how i imagine it. all my doubts about my parenting skills, my talent, my existance seem to goooooooo away. i like that. i need more moments like that.

but, i guess you have to make moments like that too. they dont “just happen.” ok, some do. but. lottie and i took nanny some flowers on an inpromptu trip yesterday. i figured, we were 2 minutes away and it’s amazing how something silly and small can really make her day. but anyway, we had to go get the little bugger some new shoes. she wears a three people! omg. where does the time go? she came running over to me looking like some 3rd world refugee with no shoes and a runny nose with her little peasant skirt on. and we left shoeless and fancy free.

here’s some pics... i think she was dreaming of shoes. and fruit juice.

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