Wednesday, June 17, 2009

nuts or awesome?

i convinced craig that our fridge needs a major facelift. when i saw this fridge idea on apartment therapy, i was so excited i almost peed in my chair.

craig started sanding down the fridge and it's official, it's going to take more than man power, but the help of some power tools. (aka an electric sander) but we're well on our way to a chalkboard fridge!

i think lottie will love it when she's a little older. :) pictures of ours soon to come. (we're using black chalkboard paint.)

here are some others i've found on the net, and hopefully what our finished product will look like:


Anonymous said...

YES! That is most excellent. They also sell Chalkboard primer that is a MUST! You dont want to skip steps, and make sure you do a few layers and let each one dry over night b4 applying the next. (can you tell I worked in the paint department at Home Depot for 2 years..ha!) Good luck...I want to see pics!

Mary said...

That IS most excellent. Love it!