Saturday, June 20, 2009

some day my love

maybe i'll be able to buy you what i know you deserve. seriously. i thought long and hard about it. the shock on your face, the knowledge that i am the most awesomest, thoughtful wife in the world...

see, you give me happiness every day. like today for instance. i got sick of waiting in traffic, and pulled a u-turn in traffic, then somehow ended up on 79N. going away from lottie's daycare. did you get pissed at me? nope. did you yell? nope. you told me, "devon, be calm and pull over if you have to, i'm figuring it out." (i can only guess you were looking on mapquest, or.. the tom tom) either way. you got me back to where i needed to be, like i had some kind of freaky helmet cam or something. even though i grumbled, "OK, i'm where i need to be, talk to you later, luvyamkaybye." you still hugged me when i got home, laughed when i said i was emotionally exhausted, and i was super excited to spend the weekend, and wrestle in bed with you. (my calf still hurt btw... and i THINK you should've made me popcorn like i hinted)

but back to the crux, someday my love, you will be able to have the things you most desire in this world. but somehow, i hope you think you already have them.

we love you. more than words can say. and in this day of information overload, twittering and facebook social media, i hope that you can say your favorite thing is to lay in bed, the 3 of us, watching some dumb show and taking turns saying to lottie, "kiss me!" and then i say, "no... kiss MEEE!!!" and just delight in the "everyday." i know i do. i wouldn't want to share my life with anybody but you.

happy father's day dooshie!!

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Mrs. Maria said...

Too sweet! :-) You gotta edit that "TV Screen" andPhotoshop a photo of you and Lottie!