Tuesday, July 21, 2009

end spec hunger..

ok, we're not exactly starvin' over here... but i'd like to feed my family better

usually i come home, lottie is freaking out and i whip her into her highchair, fling out some crap from wherever, and that is her dinner.

want to know what i had for dinner last night? HANNAH MONTANA CEREAL. -and i'm not even sure i spelled that right. needless to say, i'm not a fan of the show. but i WAS a fan of the 75 cent pricetag on the cereal box.

so, my number uno vow is to not throw anything out. yah, you heard me. i'm going to try to salvage everything. like, i threw away at least 2 lbs of sourkrat tonight. i probably could've googled, "sourkrat recipe" and found some kinda somthin' to mix with it to make a meal.

so i just went through our fridge, and i found kilbasa (sp?...) and some multi wheat noodles... while usually i'd not TOUCH kilbasa with a 10 ft pole, something about it chopped up into tiny pieces doesn't seem nearly as gross. so, i chopped it up, put it into the noodles, added some red sauce that would've gone bad (yes we are repeat sauce offenders), some sour cream and VOILA. a hearty carb-o-licious topping to put upon some minute rice.

this is a great fridge. a full fridge. and before my blueberries go bad, i VOW to make blueberry pancakes. the key is staying up to date on what the heck is in there... i'm sick of pulling out frizzy shit, and feeling bad when i pitch it.

ok, i'm motivated. TODAY. ;) this feels like a ridiculous post, but think about what you throw out, and how you can maximize what you have to work for you. you might be shocked at how it jumpstarts creativity!


Cherrill said...

my name is cherrill, and i am a habitual food-waster.

but i'm trying to get better.

Mary said...

It's funny, because we have been trying to do the very same thing. We shop from a menu now not only to save money, but cut down on waste. It's hard though...especially when you are busy! I've got two porkchops in the fridge right now that I swear I am going to do somthing with. Maybe breakfast? Porkchop and biscuit?

devon spec said...

mmm porkchop and biscuit! yum with CHEESE. ok, this is way too late but your next porkchop is gettin a biscuit slapped on it.