Thursday, July 30, 2009

what's gonna work?


I am very picky about children's cartoons. I can't stand "wow wow wubsy" or "imagination movers"... I think the ones I hate the most are the ones that "seemingly" insult my child's (and my) intelligence. My favorite new cartoon of the new cartoon era is on nick jr. "the wonder pets." they are on at 8:30, and then after that, it's beddy bye time. It's the one cartoon that lottie will sit and cuddle with me, eating her hanah montana cereal, and drinking her juice. It's honestly my favorite time of the day. How lame.
But, it's so super cute, and I think even craig gets into it... So I put a bid in on this adorable ming ming duck on ebay. I hope I win it for her!


Mary said...

So, it's LOTTIE's hannah montana cereal???? suuuuuure... i know about you're secretly a teen super-star addict.

I've seen bits and pieces of that cartoon, but never the whole thing! It does look super sweet!

Cherrill said...

The phone...the phone is ring-ing!

I had that song in my head all last night. Although I do take exception with Ming Ming basically teaching Anneka to have a speech impediment, it's a pretty cute show. But my fave is Backyardigans.

devon spec said...

i heart the backyardigans!!! BUT, i really hold a super special place for the wonder pets. lol.