Saturday, October 10, 2009

come to jesus

i've been following stephanie nielson for a few years now. she is an amazing woman.

she loves her family. she loved her life... please, check her out. she's a lady worth watching.

she's suffered burns on 80% of her body... well i got a dumb burn tonight, from a glue gun, and it was probably less than 1% of my THUMB.

she was recently on oprah! me and several other people actually wrote to oprah, and guess what? it WORKED. her story got told. and i could not have been happier. i guess.... life is funny. or, cruel. but her husband christian worked through broken ribs and a broken back to save her from her airplane. i could only hope that my "mr nielson" would do the same for me.

this is a true love story. these 2 people truly love each other. even though i think that later day saints are not quite the people i'd like to model my life after... after learning from these 2, i'm not quite so sure i'm right in my way of thinking.

i cannot begin to understand what this family has gone through, but love to watch their love grow.

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