Friday, October 30, 2009

it was a dark and stormy night....

So yesterday we took the baby over to gammy and pappy spec's neighborhood to trick or treat... I was a bit aprehensive (for sure) about how this would go down. In my mind, I was thinking we'd float from house to house and maybe she'd skip? (which, she kinda did!- that's us skipping in the one picture)

Well, right when we were leaving, I was like, "ok, where's her sack?!" "I don't know, don't you have it?" so back to get the sack. As craig went into the house, I noticed that his neighbor had on a devil mask and was making children cry. AWESOME!!! I thought that should be our first house.

So captain sack comes back and we head over to the first house. Their neighbor whose porch had caught on fire, and as she was going over details of the fire, "umm hmmm. Oh my, the tv caught the whole place on fire?... Oh wow. Wow WOW WOW." secretly, in my head I was thinking, this whole trick or treat thing is not going to go down well. Lottie was squirming and flipping out, wanting to be held. And I wanted to just have a great time. The time in my head I had pictured with my little sweetie opening her bag and then cooing, "BYE BYE!" as we walked away. Hm.

Enter, the 2nd house. Still not too sure about all this, and the guy didn't even have his DEVIL MASK ON. I was all, "where's the DEVIL mask?!" and he said he was scaring kids... Um, YEAH. That's the POINT. Oh well.

So literally around the 4th house, our little genius catches on that they are giving out CANDY. And it's for HER. To put in her SACK. That is on her ARM. And then, it was all gravy baby. We even heard a few, "BYE BYE's!" and "TANK YOUUUUU's" - my halloween dream come true.

I think I love this mom stuff.

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Cherrill said...

Anneka did not "get" the whole Halloween thing at all. We only went to 3 houses and at each one she was like "Why are you purposely making my Hello Kitty basket heavier?! Jerks!"
Still - 3 houses and we....I mean she...made out like a bandit.