Friday, October 02, 2009

mother's necklace

i've finally got my arse in gear and made some beautiful pendants for purchase.

if you've got an inkling to purchase a necklace pendant for a mommy to be ,or your mom, this is a great present. very heartfelt and loving. well then please copy and paste this link, my blogger HTML is not working:

but somehow i got sucked into the the "shoeclip" business for about a minute. this included me buying vintage earrings and making shoeclips from them. this means, that these awesome thing attach with a clip, to your shoe. either from the side, or fromt. (i made sure they were made that way)

anywho, i am not marketing these wares very well, and i know etsy is at a standstill these days, etc... but the sense of making them is satisfactory enough.


Donia said...

Good morning! The lady who asked about your business card said she may order a few of these as gifts. She said she would think about who she would like to buy these for and get back to me! I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything! I look forward to seeing you at Megan's wedding today!

devon spec said...

oh me too donia! yay! :) so glad you're doing the wedding. um, it's kinda cold out lol