Wednesday, October 14, 2009

we've been devastated.

craig's aunt, eileen, has passed away after a long battle with numerous ailments.

i think that it's most shocking because there have been so many ups... but the downs went fast and furious.

she was such a trooper. this woman made our day, and in many ways i think we took her for granted. she visited our new home when we bought it back in 06' and brought a columbia fleece blanket that i sleep with. i don't sleep with it covering me, like a regular cover, but i hold it in my arms and in a way, it's kind of my "blankie." it means that much more to me now that she's passed.

when lottie was born, she was right there, by my side, literally in the room where i gave birth with blood still on the floor! (i was so embarrassed by that!) minutes after lottie was born, she got to hold her. she brought her a blanket that is the softest blanket ever, and i still have it folded in lottie's cupboard, not sure i want her to get her sticky fingers all over it, that's how beautiful it is.

even when she was sick, she was always thinking of others, and how they would feel..back in april, she called our home phone on the day we celebrated lottie's birthday -(wishing me a happy birthday too! us april babies always stuck together) telling me she was too sick to come and was that ok? ugh.... she should've known it was ok. i was more concerned about her.

my one regret is that when we went to see her in the cleveland clinic that i was too overcome by emotion to whisper into her ear all of this, how she always made me feel comfortable and loved. accepted even.

i will always remember her for the following reasons:

-being a mom of 3 boys and still being able to relate to us girlies

-being a strong woman who never compromised her beliefs or opinions

-sticking up for her mother in times when her mother felt pulled in 2 directions

-her awesome, perfectly manicured toenails (she always had them done!) i'm way to lazy for that.

always ALWAYS thinking of us, from silly emails we'd share (yes i still have them all!) to things for "princess lottie" as she called her. :)

eileen, you were an amazing woman, loved by so many it's evident. the best are needed in heaven, this is proof.

(the pic is from last xmas and lottie "opening" the presents from eileen)


Donia~Fox Photography said...

Dev and Craig, so sorry to hear about your aunt. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Adrienne Jewelry Designs said...

Dev and family,

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. I know how much you treasure the people in your life. I'm sure your aunt was aware of your love and that is what was most important. {hugs}