Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the whole story....

point being, "don't get your panties in a bunch, things don't get solved that way." i should take some of my own advice.

In a little white house,
All warm and cozy,
There lived 2 small cats,
Named Eras and Sophie.

Sophie was sweet,
soft and kissy,
Eras was not,
he was throwing a hissy.

"Eras!," said Sophie,
"whatever's the matter?"
"My red ball is GONE!,"
he said with a chatter.

Sophie said quickly,
"We need to think."
Her face then lit up,
"have you looked under the sink?"

"I looked here, I looked there,
I looked under the sink,
I'm throwing a hissy,
and i cannot think!"

Sophie thought again,
and put her paws in the air.
"Eras!," she said,
"have you looked under the chair?"

"I looked here, I looked there,
I looked under the chair,
I'm throwing a hissy,
and I do not care!"

Calmly Sophie sat down,
letting out a big sigh,
when she looked to the right,
something red caught her eye.

Eras walked over slowly,
at almost a crawl,
"Hey!," he yelled out,
"right there is my ball!"

"Yes," Sophie said.
"Aren't you glad i'm your sissy?"
"I am," Eras replied.
"You stayed calm, and did not throw a hissy."


Mary said...

This is so cute!!! I want to see bigger pics!

devon spec said...

mary! i can't figure out how to get the pics larger... :/ there's only "small, medium or large" to choose from and i chose large. have any advice?