Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 xmas winners

i must say, even though in light of the economy and everybody cutting down on presents, i (and my family) were apparently very good this year.

my buddy (craig) got me diamond earrings! i didn't even ask for them. i was in shock. i was worried he'd think i didn't like them because i kinda had a numb reaction. it was weird. i was so happy, bewildered, that i couldn't react! :) he totally fooled me. it's different to get a piece of jewelery that you didn't ask for, picked out by your partner in love and life. it was great.

my mom got charlotte THE coolest gift ever. it's an heirloom for sure. it's a beautiful balance toy. a princess riding her horse. the way it's balanced is pretty much a mystery to me. i'm not one for science so i pretend it's magic. :)

my mom also got craig and i the willow nativity set. another HEIRLOOM! i didn't break it out this xmas, but next xmas it will be the first thing to see daylight. i'm so happy. i felt really loved this year, and it's not the "things" per say, it's building a life, a legacy, a HOME.

i'm lucky, i can never let myself forget that.

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