Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm not much of a resolution maker, but I do have a few interesting ideas and things I'm currently working on. *ahem*

1. treat my hair kindly. It's getting long and since I'm too lazy to go get haircuts every few weeks, I got some nice conditioner and a new hair dryer.

2. treat my feet kindly. This is pretty gross but my foot was itchy last night. As I screamed, "ATHLETE'S FOOT!" and rubbed it all over craig under the covers, I hardly think he'll object to getting some pedicures.

3. treat my skin kindly. Ever since I had the baby, my skin has been playing russian roulette with my emotions! I dare you. Go have a kid, see what kind of monster you turn into.

4. not worry that I'm some horrible mom because I have to work a full time job, then I'm too tired to really care about getting on the floor and put puzzle pieces in the right spots, while I could be sitting on my comfy couch putting puzzle pieces in the right spots. I read on dooce.com that the best advice she ever got said to treat every kid as if they are the sixth of eighteen children. Meaning, you'll get around to them sometime, but right now the thirteenth kid is burning down the kitchen so whoever is fussing right now will have to suck it.

5. pay off our consolodated debt. All being said, we really don't have THAT much. 7k or so? Not bad. And it's a 30 mo. loan, and I say I can name that tune in 2 years or less. Just WATCH me.

So, to me, who laid in bed until it was too late to shower this morning, these are lofty goals, and guess what.... ? They all include ME. Doing something for me. who am i kidding, i'll be lucky if i can keep toilet paper on the roll.

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