Tuesday, December 08, 2009

a day in my life

I saw a post on one of the cute blogs I read, and the girl had listed 10 things she couldn't live without. Before anybody jumps all over me, craig is 1.5 on my list. ;)

1. chubby
2. my camera
3. my computer/programs
4. my fleurville blossom crane diaper bag (it's AWESOME)
5. my mossimo slip-ons
6. my wedding set
7. this one is self explanatory
8. my eye makeup remover
9. fleece blankets in every room in the house
10.my phone (I can't believe I lived without a cell for 23 years of my life)

Of course these are just material things, (other than that adorable number 1) and technically I could live without them, but I would never want to.


Jeope said...

I just scanned this looking for my name.

devon spec said...

could never live a day without you and mel keeping me sane either. ;)