Friday, February 26, 2010

heavens to etsy....

i just love this site.
seriously, where else can you find these very amazing sperm and egg gloves but also some REAL amazing beautiful things as well?

well, i had wanted a handstamped necklace with me and craig's initials on it for awhile now. all the sites i checked listed them at 75 and above, and i couldn't justify spending that. it's silly!
so imagine how excited i was when i found MINDY. she is SUPER easy to work with and her stuff is adorable. trust me, i know. i got my necklace in the mail the other day. she even threw in a handstamped keychain, no charge! i added my birthstone and craig's birthstone to my order. for all this, PLUS shipping, 10 dollars. NICE. i love it.


Melissa said...

Those gloves are nasty!

I just got this off etsy:
It's so cute! I love scarves!

devon spec said...

mel, i totally believe you could've made that scarf out of one of your old plaid shirts. ;)

Melissa said...

Actually, I thought about that! Now that I see how she made it! :) Rob has this great plaid shirt that would make a perfect scarf. Hope he doesn't notice when I raid his closet.

Cherrill said...

Mel's right - those gloves are nasty.

I haven't ordered anything from there in ages. This has been my favourite purchase:
Pricey, but it was a treat to me :)