Tuesday, February 09, 2010

i joke i joke

so, last night we were about .5way into the 1st season of the sopranos. and tony's ungreatful mom was bitching and moaning about her son, and him putting her in a nursing home. well, tony pays 4grand a MONTH for this nursing home. i hope to god that my kids put me somewhere "decent."
but seriously... you never have to make your meals, you can lay down ALL you want and sleep, and sit around and do crafts. rock OUT. if i could live that life right now, i'd do it in a heartbeat.

so we were laying in bed last night and out of nowhere i go, "i love bed. i'm a bed person. i can't wait until i'm in a nursing home." and craig pretty much lost his shit laughing. because he knows i'm 100 percent serious. i'm so sick of running around. doing this, cleaning that, washing this, designing that. i swear, when i was on maternity leave, i didn't know what to DO with myself. even though i had an infant. because that just wasnt' enough for me. i needed MORE. because i'm used to taking on more. i couldn't just "be."

so, i bought this book, at the recommendation of a fellow blogger and friend, maria. we shall see what happens. maybe it will change my life!! maybe i won't wish i was laying in a nursing home bed, looking out at flowers, playing on photoshop. lol. just maybe... ;)

ok, got to jet, pick up craig and my z-pac, grab a few odds and ends and go to the bank. sighhhh

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Preston Benjamin said...

Few people know staying in a nursing home is a relaxing adventure.

Nice post.