Tuesday, June 08, 2010

livin' the life

this is my daughter and i at almost 11 am watching tv this morning. franklin to be exact.
i don't know what it is lately, but i like this little kid more and more each day. just when you think you couldn't love em' enough, they call start calling you "mommy."
i had this horrible dream last night, where the US decided that there were too many little girls, and they did this type of "lottery" where if  you got picked, your baby had to be handed over to the gov't. it was NOT pleasant and i'm sparing you the details. maybe too much ice cream from PUNKS before bed. maybe i'm hormonal, either way it was AWFUL.
so here we sit, her legs on top of mine, crossed (which is SO funny) and i'm plotting our escape to mexico in case the goverment goes berzerk.

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