Thursday, June 24, 2010

row, row, row your boat,... gently down the ohio river....

here's a few pics of kyaking! it was overcast, but still hot. and SUPER fun. little did i know, that *technically* the person in the back does
a lot of the work. i think i rocked it. but i was ready to be done and go eat beside pnc park. it's funny that doing things like this actually opens up your eyes to what's in your backyard that one (as in ME!) usually doesn't take advantage of.

my good buddy melissa is actually coming to town next month and it will be like we're sightseeing the city together since i rarely do much in it.
AND it will be my first pirate game! (i think)

look at me trying to be funny like i was falling out of the kyak. in reality it looks like i have a mental condition (super cutie patootie alanna at the "mast"- is that right? "mast?"). AND that one pic is the actual group i was with  (with a few stragglers sprinkled in) so we almost took the place over. :)

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3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Kayaking is such a work out! I did it once and I was all like, 'um, I'm never doing that again.' And I haven't. You look totally awesome at it, though. :)

And how fun you're friend is coming for a visit! Girl time is the best!

Have a great weekend!