Saturday, July 17, 2010

a birds eye view of my life

had a great day today. got up early (via crying "MAMA MAMA!") and craig was going on a tree job with his friend shannon. so you know, it was EARLY. i unloaded the dishwasher, got charlotte 2 breakfasts, because apparently cereal wasn't the breakfast of champions that day, it was buttered toast. ( i love being a mindreader! it's a forte of mine) then i sat lottie down to watch "max and ruby" while i swept, loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed the floors. that was all good! then kissed my sweet hubs goodbye, and loaded the washing machine, all the while praying lottie didn't fall down the stairs coming after me, but she was enraptured, (as predicted) by her distraction, ERM... "cartoon.") remembered it was shannon's daughters birthday PLUS i needed tampons, buttpaste and a card for my dad and giftcard. not to mention the bazillions of little things i've avoided getting like shampoo... so i loaded her up in the car. we went and got some presents and some other things we didn't really need, but hey, that's what life's abt right? nothing was more than 4 bucks... :) i appreciate a dollar and i know what it means to spend it! we got back and lottie REALLY WANTED TO GO SWIMMING! like she'd die if she didn't get to. she recently discovered she loved jumping on the ring and splashing about, so she's all abt it these days. i unloaded, and got her ready, and out we went... luckily i can see the front yard from my window and i got her some lunch (craig should really start a restaurant because his roasts are AMAZING. i mean like, AMAZING)i had some too and sent him a text that said, "YOUR meat is f*cking HOOD." sigh. i meant' "GOOD" - he knew what i meant.

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3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Those pictures give me a hankering for ice cream, big time! What a cutie pie!