Tuesday, July 27, 2010

here we go...pixburgh,... here we go!

here are some pics from our fun weekend with mel and rob! and yes, i actually took pictures of my food. it was so pretty! i think avacados should be in EVERYTHING. they are awesome, they are lime green in color and they taste FAAAAA-BU-LOUS.

that's my new friend laura (who is a model!- how fun would that be!?) we went to her "reveal" party at the firehouse lounge. she is none other than pittsburgh's own "SECRET AGENT L!" isn't it crazy that in this day and age you can meet so many awesome people on the internet!? and HER friend jennie (and her husband rob) showed us around the city. i say "showed us" because i suck so badly at city stuff. :/ i'm more of a girl that rocks the burbs. there's mel and rob enjoying their primanti bros! (or, pervert manatee's) i was trying to use word association to help rob remember the name of the restaurant, and "pervert manatee" came out somehow.

sunday was very exciting because we were all pirate game virgins... i think craig and i were born again because we know we went to one but it was a LONG time ago. the nachos were stale but if you dipped them in enough cheese it didn't even matter.


Melissa said...

Look at how emphatically Rob is gesturing! :) OMG, that pic of us at Pervert Manatee's is hilarious!

your friend laura said...

hahahaha!! i love this post!

i am SO glad to have finally met you, darling!

you, melissa, and me gotta rock da 'burgh more often.


3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

How much fun did you guys have? That's so cool! Thanks for sharing your adventures!